The project ‘2+2=5’ starts from my flat image on Google Street View. My house has become blurred out by one resident’s request because of the privacy concern.
I could easily find quite a few blurring houses on the same street on Google Street View, and other streets also show similar results. The private issue has arisen from 2010, when few cities in Germany are available on Google Street View. And then, many people in Germany started to ask their house to opt-out from the Google Site. So now we can see blurring street view, if you search street in Germany on Google.

The project ‘2+2=5’ aims to represent a new, imaginary version of space and architecture inspired by Google Street View in Germany. The digital collage on slide film expresses the potential impact of how internet-based information from social media mediates our understanding of real places and real lives.


Aug 2018⎢Memorial Device⎢Electro Studios Project Space, East Sussex, United Kingdom Sep 2017 | Dazwischen | Glogauair, Berlin, Germany July 2017 | Shades of Today: Picking up the Pieces Post-Truth | Centrum, Berlin, Germany
June 2017 | 48 Stunden Neukölln 2017 | Centrum, Berlin, Germany


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Shades of Today: Picking up the pieces Post-Truth by Candice Nembhard | The Norwich Radical 
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