I explored notions of data transparency through the autocomplete function built into contemporary text-entry system. In Google, especially, autocomplete is a collection of suggested phrases/words based on what other people have entered previously and they are trying to anticipate your search query before you have finished typing.

Google Autocomplete

My research question was thus about how to engage viewers with data visualisation while making them aware of issues of data transparency. I collected the words most frequently listed by Google for each letter of the alphabet, from the 20 countries with the highest proportion of internet user. I then used this data to distort each letter, in a new data-driven typeface created in Nodebox.

data-driven typeface ‘A’


May 2014 | Mapping Post-Digital Futures | Royal College of Art, London, UK
April 2014 | IDC 2014: Information Design Matters | Royal Institute of British Architects, London, UK