Jae Kyung Kim (aka. Frau Kim)

Kim is an exhibition designer and also served as a director at the einBuch.haus, art book platform located in Pankow, Berlin. She studied Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London, UK.

Kim has a wide range of graphic design knowledge from her previous experience; exhibition designer & coordinator at NON Berlin, Kensington Palace in London, Information Experience Design MA student and Visual Communication MA student.

Kim examined the interaction between the identity of a public place and human experience, and also a way to develop a cultural phenomenon by creating a culture place in the public space which we are unconsciously surrounded by. As a communication tool, she tries to put the novelty in the familiarity on the way we see things and surroundings to trigger our common sense to combine with new information. In addition, she considers visitor’s spatial experience in different ways.