Hearing comes before sight and we cannot shut our ears.
‘The Radio’ questions online data transparency.
Our personal data is reproduced by third parties, without consent but with consequences.
This data is our virtual DNA and it represents us but may contain errors or misinformation.
Is it us or a separate identity?

‘The Radio’ talks back to us: we can log off but not turn it off.


Nov 2015 | Wire Arts Experiment vol.2 | WIRE, Berlin, Germany
in collaboration with Jayoon Choi


June 2014 | The Exponential Horn: In Search of Perfect Sound | Science Museum, London, UK
May 2014 | Mapping Post-Digital Futures | Royal College of Art, London, UK

in collaboration with 
Carrolynne Hsieh, Jayoon Choi

documented by
Jayoon Choi
Sam Rockman
Yi-Miao Shih